Happy Wedding

作者:Huilin  发布:维斗喜帖

Good evening everyone, for those who probably don’t know me. My name is Huilin, the maid of honour, one of Shiyang’s best friends when studying in Cambridge.

Before I getting into the speech, I would like to first thank everyone for coming, thank Amy and Tao for hosting this gorgeous gorgeous wedding tonight, and of course thank their parents for raising these two to be the person we all love. And thanks everyone who made the day possible.

Shiyang, I rewrote this speech for hundreds of times. There is too much to say, but at the same time, There really aren’t words to define the kind of friend you have been to me. There are also no words to describe how happy I (and all the rest of your friends) are for you and Liangtao today.

It was just like yesterday when Shiyang and I sit on the bench in front of the Senate House, and for the first time, she told me about Tao, and how they found each other the “matching half” in that winter. It was so magically unpredicted, but at the same time, so incredibly fated— What love story could be better? I could think of nothing else other than Plato’s words: “And so, when they meet the half that is their very own: the two are struck from their sense by love, by a sense of belonging to one another, and by desire.”
For All those while, I’ve being thinking that Amy is the luckiest girl to have a husband like Tao, but the more I knew Amy, the more I convinced that, Tao, you, you are also the lucky one.

Shiyang is intelligent, caring and thoughtful. She has a heart of gold, and an innate sense of good/genuine that makes her a true friend. We were each other’s dancing partner at the ChiaChia class (韬哥你可以放心了), we had some adventures like child and thinking we were super cool. I couldn’t remember how many times people asked us if we are sisters. Maybe God made us best friends because our moms couldn’t handle us as sister.

I heard enough about Liangtao for a good year before I actually met him, to feel like I already knew him. Liangtao, from all I heard about you, You are smart, compassionate, loyal. I still remember how I was shock by the huge mountain of bottle water in Shiyang’s room, and when I asked, she said “Tao brought all the water I need for the year because he was worrying that I cannot carry the water by myself.” This is just a tip of the iceberg.

But Once I finally did meet him, I see how the two make a perfect couple. I saw how much he cared for Amy, and I saw how happy Amy was when she was with him. Tao, Thank you for making Amy so happy. You are the one that I could give back my best friend to, and it is with comfort knowing Amy will always have you by her side.

All this year Shiyang was keen on finding me a boyfriend, I joked that she has a matchmaker mole. But can you blame me for being alone? because I spent all this time around one of the most devoted and beautiful relationships that I’ve ever seen and all I’ve been doing is trying to find something that can fulfil me the way that I see the two of you fulfil each other.

The love this two share is too strong, it doesn’t need a thousand stories, it doesn’t need a thousand words, and it is the love we we all can’t help to admire and desire to have.

I look at these two and I just so thankful to being in their lifes. “You are each other’s harvest, you are each other’s magnitude and bond” Ladies and gentleman, please join me to thank them for the amazing wedding.

To Amy and Tao!